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MSHERESIES #2 - Useful Work Versus Useless Toil

Useful Work versus Useless Toil is the second publication of the MsHeresies series from the Amsterdam-based Rietlanden Women’s Office, a collaboration between graphic designers Johanna Ehde and Elisabeth Rafstedt “which engages in self-initiated, research-based graphic design, and publishing from a feminist perspective.” The magazine’s main text is a remediation and republishing of the lecture “Useful Work versus Useless Toil” given by William Morris in 1884, accompanied by text and image material from the book The Sisters’ Arts, which examines the working relationship of sisters Virginia Woolf (writer) and Vanessa Bell (painter). This issue continues the project of the series’ first installment—Conditions for Work: The Common World of Women—to investigate the topic of work and the possibilities of collaboration from a feminist perspective. “We definitely go into our work with singleness of heart,” says RWO. “This means that the text we are working on is constantly present in our thoughts and conversations.” This process defines the outcome, and as a reader you get the sensation that every word has been spoken out loud and dissected from every angle before being put back in its place. This energy seeps into the publication itself, giving it a sense of burning assertiveness and making it, as RWO says, “a new piece of work through its republishing.” A glossary of keywords is found on the back cover to redefine and link William Morris words to the present by a weaving of texts by writers such as Anne Boyer, Bernadette Meyer, Hélène Cixous, and Audre Lorde. In a recent conversation about MsHeresies, we discussed fast-paced and profit-driven work culture, touching upon topics such as social media activism, commodified feminism, and the importance of looking towards history when questioning hegemonic structures.
  • #2 - Useful Work Versus Useless Toil


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