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EAR TRAVELLING PROGRAM Underwater Functions and Echosounders

Ear Travelling Program is Centeio, co-founder of Prisma Sonora and also member of Stellarays, based in North Portugal. For this debut album he was inspired by the early Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s films. There is a post-Cousteau undersea consciousness. He has chosen the perfect medium to show the unknown and mysterious seabed, TV as a diving saucer. Common people finally had the chance to shift their eyes towards coral reefs and instantly increase their knowledge. Watery sounds are easily associated with voltage or synthesis filters. The movement of water can work as a slider, a patch combining endless audio signals and ultrasounds - a cabin, an instrument panel for a sonar with LFO’s. In the album there is room for ambient pieces but also for radiophonic wobbly electronics like on ‘Algae Generator’. Centeio brings up some harmonious synth arpeggios that quickly expand like hydrodynamics. Some of the tracks flow like ocean currents while others are more into the world of preciseness like naval architecture. And here the German electronics knock on the door, but the high water pressure keeps the doors closed. Minimalistic ‘Library Moods’ for relaxation at your bedroom or share it with your Wellness Center and play it in the pool - water lilies will grow in a glimpse. A sunless inner cosmos for unseen species and oceanographic subs… or just beautiful synth music if you are into aquaphobia. “Underwater Functions and Echosounders” kept Ear Travelling Program inside its aqualung, an Oceanaut in the soothing depths. It unveils upcoming albums that may take the project closer to the abyss of sound.
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