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PANTERA Volta Rápido P'ra Mim

Pantera Project by Pedro Henrique, a revolutionary militant, exiled in Lisbon after being expelled from all guerrillas and ideological movements he’s ever been a part of. This single is taken from "Volta Rápido P'ra Mim", Pantera's debut album, with remixes by Ppueblo and Opus Pistorum. Ppueblo Is one of Pedro Rocha's pseudonyms, also known as Peterr and co-owner of Sombra label. In 2018 he released the EP "It Took Me Years To Understand This Too Was A Gift" by Golden Mist (GM021). Opus Pistorum is bleach-house / neuro-dance by Helder Menor (Barreiro). From Fl Studio 9 to the world, it is an aesthetic reorganization of dance music around the confusion of senses and systematic repetition. Rita RA She works with Underdogs as an editions producer. Her artistic work is focused mainly on visual forms taken from paper, based on ideas like fragility, suspension, tension, bonding, transparency.
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