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CALAFATE Pinky Cloud

ALAFATE is José Diogo Mateus and Marco Guerra. "Pinky Cloud" is their second release together, after "Lo-Fi Expeditions" album, released in 2017 as Citizen:kane & Hobo and The Birds. Both are Fungo releases. The music they create is a match between José Diogo Mateus hand made modular instruments and Marco Guerra digital setup."Pinky Cloud" is the result of several hours of improvisation, jamming, editing, listening and selecting. With a more polished sound than "Lo-Fi Expeditions", "Pinky Cloud" represents a new phase for the duet, a new musical stream of consciousness. Artwork by Simão Simões. ____________________________ JOSÉ DIOGO MATEUS The passion of self-taught Zé Diogo by sound have determined both the approach and the contents developed in Hobo and The Birds project. Pure synthetic sounds that draw landscapes generated by his instruments, all of them built by himself from scratch. ____________________________ MARCO GUERRA The producer behind Citizen:kane and Rose:bud alias has been releasing some music mostly by portuguese labels. In 2019 he released the vinyl EP "Popcorn", by Seattle's Medical Records / Transfusions. With a bipolar approach on music, he likes to jump around between projects and feelings. ____________________________ SIMÃO SIMÕES From Lisbon, works in illustration, comics and music. His work revolves around themes from an ephemeral present, drawing inspiration from internet and oriental pop culture, filtering everything through a smooth and bubbly imaginary. He's graduated in Comics / Illustration at Ar.Co Lisbon and participated in several exhibitions, such as Sun Showers (curated by Ema Gaspar) and Prata da Casa (curated by André da Loba).
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