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GONçALO LAMAS Boeing Nº 737-800 in F#m

Concurrently: ode, elegy, satyre, Boeing Nº 737-800 in F♯m awakes and takes off, lands and falls asleep, in between cold sweats and time zones. Triangulating the distance from ground to body, moving though still, to sun, blinding though eyeless, amidst a text searching for sense in an economy of simulations, values suspended 38000 feet above the ground. The anatomy of the world’s most popular commercial airplane serves as test tube to rehearse, under the common denominator of a possible fall, a motley set of anxieties, crossing borders, with and without passport. Mirror-play, annotated between the internal voice of a passenger, by the window, their dialogue with the Sun and a chorus of various interjections, from cockpit to exhaust pipe. The text printed in the pages of this bilingual inflight magazine was first presented as a live performance, at Culturgest Porto, between the 16th and 20th of September, 2020. All proceeds from this sale will be donated to Solidariedade Imigrante, an association defending the rights of immigrants in Portugal.
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