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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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Golden Omnipresent Mystery comes from a spontaneous, performative approach to minimalist and improvised music, focusing on repetition and harmony and simultaneously on non-structures and dissonances. A continuous amorphous flow in search of the abstract yet corporeal representation of the universal energy that rises from chtonian spirituality and free emotional expression. G.O.M. is an elusive entity. It manifest itself in different forms: meditative and altered states, signs, symbols, sonic catharsis, clairvoyance, collective consciousness and openness, mysterious depths of the human experience. Ripples of light and shadow endlessly tracing the labyrinth of life. Each piece of this record is a world on his own and was recorded in a single, unique session: no overdubbing or post-production was made except for mixing and mastering. The album comes in double golden- transparent cassettes (C80; C105), limited to 69 hand-numbered copies including an insert and digital download. The cover and the insert artworks are two previously unpublished automatic drawings from occult artist and A.O.S. adept Roberto Migliussi, mastermind behind Labirinto Stellare and author of the seminal fanzine Idola Tribus. The manufacture of this album’s cassettes has been the second official external commission for Dromoscope Studio, as it took care of the tape's mastering and dubbing. The particular technique used for the production of this cassettes has been developed by Daniele De Santis in the frame of Dromoscope's Antidigital Series production. The technique has come to life combining modern digital mastering methods with the old warm sound provided by reconditioned professional tape recorders from 70's DDR. Every copy is created at 1x as a master itself rather than duplicated, providing a very uncommon result in terms of loudness and fidelity of the audio data.
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