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GROUP JAIPONGAN ENDAH PARAHYANGAN The Danced & The Dance Vol.2: A Night At Jaipong Club

The Danced and the Dance is a series of collections and anthologies dedicated to indonesian modern dance musical traditions, in which the chosen genres entail stories and information about local developments in music as well as the production of entertainment, symbols, cultural values, spirituality, body politics and social processes. “A Night at Jaipong Club” is the second installment of the series: seven tracks recorded at Endah Parahyangan Jaipong Club in Bandung, West Java (legendary underground venue and one of the few jaipong clubs in Indonesia) and performed by Group Jaipongan Endah Parahyangan. The recordings capture not only the music compositions per se but also the acoustic and social ambience where jaipong as a show and interactive social spectacle is constructed and structured by the ensemble and the audience alike, including the voices and noises of the cheering, often drunk, audience members, the live, improvisational entertainment of the MC, the dialectic impulses and responses between the kendang player and the dancers (such as in the bajidoran mincid) and the noisy, crackling compression and distortion of the PA. The live show showcases different tracks spanning from classic Sundanese tunes and jaipong hits such as Wangsit Siliwangi, Bangbung Hideung and Alim Bobogohan Deui to more contemporary and pop tunes by Bungsu Bandung such as Bohong and Talak Tilu medley, presenting how the genre is developing towards the future: born as a mixture (kollaborasi) of kiliningan, ketuk tilu and pencak silat and contaminated by pop sunda, dangdut and, eventually, disco.
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