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Incipientium Underg​å​ng

The second coming of Incipientium. After his LP debut 'Belastning' on Förlag För Fri Musik (FFFM) last year, Gustav Danielsbacka has not rested. With a handful releases on CD & cassette, his alias Incipientium has proven one of the most productive outlets from the modern Gothenburg scene at the moment. Finally back with the follow-up full-length 'Undergång', Danielsbacka has once again proven to be a bearer of new sounds & guide to new paths in the continuous communications from the greatest place on Earth. Acoustic instruments, voice & radio for magnetic tape, sampler & effects. Recorded spring 2022 on Foster xR8 at Harmful Sound. Thanks - Vidar, Nils, Lisa, Tea, Mattias, Matthias, Gustaf, Dan, Simon, Hugo, Julius, David, Frank, Joakim, Joachim, Don & Walter.
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