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Teresa Burga Estructura Propuesta Sonido: Piezas para 2 instalaciones y composiciones con notas al azar (1972R

This album compiles a series of sound pieces produced by the Peruvian artist Teresa Burga (Iquitos, 1933 – Lima, 2021) during the 1970s. It includes works created by the artist that were part of various artistic projects, mainly sound installations, as well as pieces commissioned to musicians and inspired by her work. This album thus embodies an approach to a sound universe that has accompanied Burga's very personal work, which has transcended the limits of the artistic medium and disciplines. In the last decade, Teresa Burga's work has been present in numerous retrospectives and anthologies, as well as in various critical studies, which has cemented her standing in the art world, both in her home country and internationally. Indeed, she has come to be seen as one of the key figures of Peruvian conceptual and pop art of the 1960s and 1970s. A founding member of the avant-garde art collective, Arte Nuevo, Burga began painting and then embarked on an experimental path influenced by conceptual art. Her works emphasized her status as a woman in an eminently male art scene, as well as her experience as a public worker in the national tax administration system, which familiarized her with the bureaucratic language of reports and records — a distinctive feature of her artistic style. Her work has explored multiple mediums and the use of technological resources, which can be seen in her light installations, videos, pieces that allude to computer processes, and sound installations, highlighting the place which women occupied in a world of technological mediations. This album includes the sound pieces Estructura Informe Corazón [Structure Informe Corazón] (1972) and 4 mensajes [4 Messages (1974)], composed of heart sounds and distorted television signals. It also includes the interpretation of the conceptual score Esctructura Propuesta Sonido [Structure Proposal Sound I (1978)], based on the poem “Cruz y Ficción” by Blanca Varela, in versions by the Peruvian Nicolás Wageman, and by the Argentineans Alma Laprida and Alan Courtis. Also included is the piece Borges (2017), a commission by Burga to the Peruvian composer Jan Diego Malachowski, for the installation of the same name, here presented in a synthesizer version by Laprida and Courtis.
  • Estructura Propuesta Sonido: Piezas para 2 instalaciones y composiciones con notas al azar (1972R
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