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Richie Culver Alive In The Living Room

A 27-min sound mass on CD and handwritten hymnbook by Richie Culver. The sonic landscape delves into the artist's personal experiences with sleep paralysis, a condition he has lived with throughout his adult life. The improvised sound piece sets a "Bleak terrain of dead dreams,”—vocals intentionally omitted to echo Culver's speechlessness during paralysis. The poem, which would have been spoken word, is instead meant to be read by the reader/listener themselves, and describes his subconscious experiences evoking discomfort and vulnerability. The book features the original handwritten poem by Richie Culver, presented in both English and Arabic.
  • Alive In The Living Room
  • Alive In The Living Room
  • Alive In The Living Room
  • Alive In The Living Room
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