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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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Cosmos Cosmos – Design from here and beyond

Weaving fruitful links between the worlds of science and design, this catalog unveils the work of designers who have, in conceptual, technical or poetic ways, questioned the architecture of the Universe and the hidden laws of physics that govern it, bringing to the fore the fundamental questions that drive artists and scientists alike (with a contribution of cosmologist Thomas Hertog). Whether mathematical or physical, the beauty of cosmic phenomena has captivated mankind since the dawn of time. How do designers capture these realities? How do they convey the forms and principles at work in the Universe through the design of accessible and desirable objects? Some forty projects show how the cosmos and its architecture inspire designers: lamps in the shape of a star or planet, a black hole vase, an electromagnetic pendulum, a mirror that acts as a gravitational lens... Thanks to the contribution of cosmologist Thomas Hertog, this exhibition catalogue weaves fruitful links between the worlds of science and design.
  • Cosmos  Design from here and beyond
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