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ARCH+ Contemporary Feminist Spatial Practices

For decades, the call for equality and equal opportunity has been heard within the hierarchical world of architecture. The number of those actively working for change is growing. Their goal is to turn architecture into an ethically responsible and socially and ecologically sustainable practice. The publication proceeds from the question of how forms of social injustice are entwined on different spatial levels. As its enquiry unfolds, it becomes clear that the fight for gender equality in the built environment must now be linked to other forms of campaigning for social justice (anti-racism, anti-colonialism, the fight against transphobia and homophobia, etc.). As a political medium, architecture can help honour a new pledge of freedom based on a transformative idea of fairness. ARCH+ is Germany’s leading magazine for discourse in the fields of architecture and urbanism.
  • Contemporary Feminist Spatial Practices
  • Contemporary Feminist Spatial Practices
  • Contemporary Feminist Spatial Practices
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