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Honour HBK Vol 2: Everytin Na Double

"If we weren’t already tripped out by this whole Honour thing, HBK Vol 2 has sent us thru the looking glass. A properly shapeshifting mixtape/album bursting with enigmatic head-scratchers on the Hype Williams x Klein axis, but probably also featuring contribution/s from Wu-Lu and we swear we recognise **** ****'s voice too, but honestly, who knows. Honour’s music runs against the grain without feeling overly conscious or ironic about it. Their grasp of atmosphere and non-linear storytelling manifests in luxurious yet crushed textures and suggestive cues that don’t rely on a single device or trick, instead spinning through countless reference points to end up with something that’s hard to fathom, and endlessly expressive. ‘Everytin Na Double’ is even harder to pin down than its predecessor, deploying basement blooz, smudged neon soul and scuzzed rhythms like a sort of liquid impressionism. Sweeping from cinematic collages of militant drums, horns and strings to 128k drill, roadman romance and screwed R&G with a sort of red-eye swagger and attitude that places the project firmly in the UK, to our ears, at least. Not even the tracklisting the label sent us matches the number of tracks on here so, you know, anything and everything is possible, and perhaps the object of the game is to just give in and embrace/inhale the smoke. Unmissable." boomkat
  • HBK Vol 2: Everytin Na Double
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