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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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While being confronted by the ongoing shelling of Russian missiles, Ukrainians are in a constant debate about what the post-war future will bring. Amidst terrifying precocity and an absence of absolute knowledge on what will happen going forward, researchers and creatives raise questions on the consequences and transformations this will lead us to. MOKOSH is a collective zine, which was developed to be a safe space. Based on care, equality and respect towards others. It showcases artistic projects of 20 Ukrainian artists that aims to represent the diverse local art scene, reveal the impact of oppressive imperialistic violent systems, and reflect on the potentials of the Ukrainian future(s). By asking the speculative questions on the social, political and cultural changes that Russian-Ukrainian war evokes, as well of what role art plays in facilitation of war effects recovery, MOKOSH Zine sheds the light on the current struggles of Ukrainians and address the issues that society is already facing. This zine was developed to be a safe space. Based on care, equality and respect towards others, these values are transmitted to us through the artists’ practice. MOKOSH is composed of carefully selected artworks from twenty artists, coming from different regions of Ukraine, with different artistic backgrounds, in an attempt to provide a platform to speak out and share personal visions, ideas, and insights on the future. Despite the fragility of the messages, what unites them is hope for a better future, for the victory that will certainly happen, sooner or later. OKNa calls for support of the Ukrainian artistic community by making this publication happen. All the funds raised from the zines will be redirected to the Ukrainians in need.
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