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V/A Alrededor de la H​ú​misha: La m​ú​sica de los conjuntos t​í​pico

Around the Húmisha: The music of the traditional Amazonian ensembles of Peru is a compilation that brings together for the first time various groups formed between the mid-60s and early 80s, which defined the sound of the popular music that emerged in the peruvian jungle. Here, genres of indigenous amazonian roots are presented, such as the pandilla, the chimaychi and the sitaracuy, which are typically performed in carnivals and regional amazonian festivals. These gatherings always culminate around a húmisha tree, a representative element of these celebrations, which is surrounded by a troupe of dancers who cut it down to the rhythm of a pandilla. Based on these native genres, these traditional ensembles were nurtured by diverse influences, coming from the Andes (huaynos), the Peruvian coast (creole waltzes), as well as from neighboring countries such as Brazil (samba, tanguiño), Colombia (cumbia) and Ecuador (sanjuanitos). The music is perfomed using the traditional instrumentation of quena, bass drum and snare drum, sometimes suplemented with violin, clarinet, saxophone, guitar and maracas. This compilation brings together songs from Conjunto Selva Alegre, Flor del Oriente y su Conjunto, Los Guacamayos, Los Solteritos, Dúo Loreto, Los Pihuichos de la Selva, Los Ribereños del Huallaga, Conjunto Esperanza de San Martín, Conjunto Típico Corazón de la Selva, Jibarito de la Selva con Los Mensajeros de la Selva, and Los Hijos de Lamas. These groups released records on the main Peruvian labels of the 70s and 80s; today, those albums are true collector's gems, hard to come by. Here we find some indisputable classics from the Amazonian repertoire such as “La leyenda del pífano” by Adolfo Sandoval in the masterful interpretation of the Dúo Loreto, “El Pucacuro” by the Amazonian diva Flor del Oriente, the highly popular “Salta Yanasita” by the Conjunto Selva Alegre, as well as the classic “Alegría en la selva”, by the Conjunto típico Corazón de la selva, a true Amazonian anthem. Following the success of the anthology The Fabulous Sound of Andrés Vargas Pinedo, and the launch of The Music of the Lamista Kechwas: Recordings of the Native Communities of Lamas, Buh Records presents this new volume dedicated to exploring this fascinating universe of traditional music from the Amazonian jungle, and this time with the launch of a collection and platform called Central Amazónica, which will be dedicated exclusively to the rescue of musical gems from the Peruvian Amazon. This album is released on vinyl LP format, with extensive information and visual documentation. Compilation and notes by Luis Alvarado. Art by René Sánchez.
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