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SAMUTEK Muzeum Historii Naturalnej

"Fringe dissonance and psychoactive folk expulsions from Samutek, the alias of young Polish artist, Mateusz Woś, debuting on vinyl for the first time thanks to the ever-busy Horn of Plenty. Muzeum Historii Naturalnej is presented as two long form pieces, though it plays like a series of shifting vignettes built from abstracted keys, voiceovers and minimal electronics, unspooling from Woś in unexpected, decidedly off-shape ways, feeling as if plucked from the void or sent through the stargate from another dimension. Where do such inspirations come from? Are they remote-viewed into existence? I guess we've come to understand music of this kind as time-dilated or dreamlike, certainly an aesthetic that feels ever-relevant in this era of compressed time, though there's something especially off-balance and vertiginous about Samutek, almost seasick with memory, at times like that last Treasury of Puppies record, others like the often suffocatingly claustrophobic Anti-Clock soundtrack. I understand Woś is still a very young man, which for my own biases makes this very singular music all the more impressive, though it should be at most an incidental point: this kind of world-making stands outside of time." World of Echo
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