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Sensible Soccers Manoel

Manoel, the fourth LP by Sensible Soccers, recorded at Arda Recorders and co-produced by the band and João Brandão, results from the work of creating two new soundtracks for two films by Manoel de Oliveira: "Douro, Faina Fluvial" (1931) and "The Painter and the City" (1956). The Oliverian Universe and the way the director looked at Porto - his city, so well portrayed in these works - worked as a guideline for the rhythm and atmosphere of a series of compositions that will be presented in a cine-concert format, in dialogue with the films . This dialogue takes on different contours along the way: sometimes music walks through the cinema, at its pace and in its time, like the wind at the back. At other times it invades it, imposing a new reading, like a hostile windstorm. The memory this time, that of the city(s) - is once again a fundamental motto. It is from this series of compositions some revised, others enlarged, others still transfigured or even unrecognizable - that Manoel is born, making his own way, beyond the images. The result is 10 themes with very diverse identities, ranging from ambient to techno, passing through jazz or dub, in a game of alternations so characteristic of Sensible Soccers between light pop and melancholy or experimentalism.
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