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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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'Vision Quest' is a ritual of dedication - initiation, which helps to correctly pass through important life changes, rapid events, accelerate the manifestation of the True Self and clarify life goals. When the old relationship between a person and the world around him becomes impossible due to changes, there comes a time and a need for transition. We encounter limitations either in ourselves (changing needs, opportunities, values, inability to live in the same ways), or in the world around us. It's a process that helps you get out of the vicious circle of old relationships, recognize changes, find your own answer to the question "Who am I now?" and return to the world to build new relationships. I have always created worlds in my music where the listener could escape and hide from external factors in order to feel comfortable and protected so that they can think about eternal and important things, no matter what happens outside. This album is inspired by my trip to India 7 years ago. In this way, I wanted to express my gratitude to those wonderful places where I spent an unforgettable time, especially the state of Kerala and those wonderful people who helped and guided me in this. I wanted to share those healing emotions and field recordings from what I learned in this Vision Quest.
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