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ELKO BLIJWEERT De Nor Des Hoofds (Prison Of The Mind)

De Nor (‘the can’, or prison, in comic book Dutch) is an open-air venue/sculpture/pavillion at the Middelheim Museum in Antwerp. During its inaugural summer, Elko Blijweert played a live concert there that left an indelible mark on those lucky enough to witness it. What exactly did he do, you ask? Well, Blijweert basicly used the entire garden as an instrument alongside an array of pre-programmed pedals, keyboards, drum machines, guitars, a mandoline, and booze-bottle flutes. This record, a re-created version of that fabled performance, is a concept album of sorts. Your personal prison experience begins on Side One. You will be miserable! Terrified! You will fantasise about being released, or escaping, every night. The entire ordeal is narrated song-by-song with Blijweert’s liner notes.
  • De Nor Des Hoofds (Prison Of The Mind)
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