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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe Hamburg, Tulga Beyerle, Emanuele Braga, Lukas Feireiss, Jerszy Seymour Life on Planet Orsimanirana - A non-gesamt Gesamtkunstwerk

Life on Planet Orsimanirana is a project by Jerszy Seymour Design Workshop together with Macao, Assemble and The Dirty Art Department. This publication is a handbook for Life on Planet Orsimanirana. It serves as an extended catalogue and more for the exhibition of that name at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, and constitutes a multidisciplinary compendium of social, political, ecological and existential artistic visions. Inspired by Jerszy Seymour’s notion of the non-gesamt Gesamtkunstwerk the publication is a comprehensive collage and ”collidoscope“ by a diverse group of local and international collectives, activists, artists and designers. It brings together these varying and divergent positions in a visual stream of consciousness. It thereby aims to lay a joyful groundwork to create the world we want to live, on a practical, imaginary as well as symbolic level.
  • Life on Planet Orsimanirana - A non-gesamt Gesamtkunstwerk
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