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SARAH TERRAL Le Ménisque Original

Le ménisque original is my first solo album under the Sarah Terral moniker. The album was composed and played with a very small modular synthesizer (see photo below). I wanted to make a very intuitive and minimal record with the idea of doing as little editing and retouching as possible. Synthetic, minimal, restricted, contrasted and intuitive music. Terral is my mother’s last name and Sarah is the name I would have had if I had been a girl. It is in a way my feminine alter-ego. I wanted it to be almost me, but that this entity could also remain a fiction. On stage I dress up and put on make-up, the name was for me a source of inspiration to build this more theatrical character. Sarah Terral: Modular synthesizer Composed, recorded and played by Clément Vercelletto between August 2019 and January 2020 in Paris.
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