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Crítica Maria João Baltazar, Tomé Saldanha Quadros Imagem no Pós-Milénio: Mediação, Processo e Tensão

In this time wherein Design, Cinema and New Media intersect, this book informs and discusses the critical tension of the image today. Five essays zoom in on dynamic factors as mediation, process and critical tension. How does (re)mediation in the digital age bring the apparatus of the image closer to the apparatus of the gaze? What is the viewer’s place and the contours of the reception of the interactive filmic narrative? And how should we reflect on the personal agency of citizens who are socially and politically engaged, at a moment when we are confronted with the image’s platitude?
  • Imagem no Ps-Milnio: Mediao, Processo e Tenso
  • Imagem no Ps-Milnio: Mediao, Processo e Tenso
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