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Time is Away Ballads

If you stand against a particular pilaster and look diagonally across the octagon to the corresponding one on the other side, and if somebody happens to be standing there, you can talk to them, and they can talk to you, and your voices will be very distinct and loud, however many people are passing between you, and nobody else will hear your words. The idea of a secret is stood on its head. To share a secret here you move far apart, the words resound in public, and only the two of you hear them. My premonition is that if I wait by one of the pilasters in question, he may come. Time is Away is Jack Rollo and Elaine Tierney, two visionary storytellers who map personal, poetic and sometimes playful dérives through the histories of their imagination. The voice is an instrument, a letter from home, the colour of pomegranates... pastoral mysteries and idyllic myths weaved from an inventory of dreams.
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