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SOFTIE It Had Nothing To Do With Summer

Debuting on Eastern Nurseries with “It Had Nothing To Do With Summer”, Helsinki-based producer Softie quietly hides his club wristband under see-through silk, engulfing himself in a heartwarming world of swirling textures, lovelorn melancholy and glassy harmonics. First introduced via World Canvas earlier this year with his debut EP “Clouded Vision”, Softie builds on this framework of isolationist ambient works and icy techno ruminations with a sophomore release that offers a resounding statement of voice and vision, shining a light on his beloved scene’s emotive undertones. “It Had Nothing To Do With Summer” overflows with a sense of fleeting ecstasy - gone but not forgotten - as hazy melodies bleed through cold swathes of shifting noise. Enshrined in a halo of optimism, Softie’s first full length album embodies post-rave ambivalence to life’s troubles - a sacrosanct moment of bliss tinged with the bittersweet realisation that reality comes at dawn.
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