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JOAO FONTE SANTA Bem Vindos à Cidade do Medo / Welcome to Fear City

“The book ‘Bem-Vindos à Cidade do Medo’ (Welcome to the City of Fear) brings together a set of texts that reflect on the homonymous exhibition, held at MAAT in 2018, composed of paintings, drawings and video produced by João Fonte Santa, in which the artist it conveys visual representations of the state of the world, expressing a playful and critical observation about the current social, political and cultural. In this project the artist works on the political and philosophical meaning of fear, the processes of deterritorialization of war, permanent conflicts and instability, as well as the continuous vigilance and control that mark our contemporaneity. It uses images that circulate in newspapers, on television and on the Internet, and establishes relationships of association with other fields, namely popular culture, with narratives, visions and aesthetic atmospheres inspired by 19th century literature, B-series cinema and marginal pop music.”
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