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AIRES Daylight Fireworks

This is a work about the inevitable acceptance of ephemerality, about the longing for something fleeting that we never fully experience. In one idea, Aires encapsulates the spirit of his new release in his own name “Daylight Fireworks” (ZABRA 013), an EP inspired by an image from which everything sprang: that of “the surprise and the fragility of something as improbable and ethereal as daylight fireworks. ” Almost as a continuous exercise from beginning to end, there are many small sound events that unfold along these four tracks, like small films or degraded postcards from which only fragments can be extracted. Assuming that is diffuse the line that separates the obsolescence of any recording media from the irreducible weaknesses of human memory, Aires always seems to prefer the elegy of what could have been than the absolute certainty of an exhaustive reconstruction. The titles indicate this imaginary, but it is the sound motifs that shape it, between seas of static, floods of bleeps, lost arpeggios, haunted vocal samples or latent percussions that are only in our head. For a moment, it comes to mind the witch house of Holy Other or Chuck Person, the Basinskian filters or the recompositions of Leyland Kirby. All distilled by an intimate vision that can now be crossed by anyone.
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