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AIRES Modernidade Liquida

If 'Naturalismo', Aires's previous album, questioned what would be a natural experience in a world built on terabytes and memes, 'Modernidade Líquida' accepts the randomness inherent to 2019. The title, taken from Bauman's work, refers to a fluid state, ephemeral, unpredictable. This is the possible soundtrack of a digital journey to the black monolith present at the end of every viral video, every automatic email, every post-ironic emoji. The first single, 'Azul Metalizado', is built on distant, almost euphoric synths and imaginary beats, like the remembrance of an EDM banger playing through Short, recorded live and mixed in real time, 'Modernidade Líquida' is purposely self-referential, accidentally melancholic and strangely accessible.
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