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V/A Museum Of Capitalism

The second expanded edition of the Museum of Capitalism book, as well as limited remaining copies of the collectible first edition, are available in our online shop. When purchased directly from Museum of Capitalism, all proceeds go directly to support future museum programming. The new edition includes additional documentation of recent exhibitions as well as new contributions from Jodi Dean, Ben Davis, Madeline Lane-McKinley, Nina Power, Abigail Satinsky, Simon Sheikh, and FICTILIS. Museum of Capitalism contains both documentation and reflection on the founding and early programming of the institution. With texts written by founders, curators, and other contributors to the museum, the book offers a glimpse into its controversial project of untimely memorialization. Published contemporaneously with the opening of Museum of Capitalism in Oakland, California, the book also extends and examines the exhibition concept. Sketches and renderings of exhibits and artifacts, combined with relevant quotations from a wide variety of historical sources, are interspersed with speculative essays on the intersections of ecology, race, museology, historiography, economics, and politics. Included are representations of artworks and museum exhibits created by artists, original isotype graphics drawn from the Museum’s lexicon of “capitalisms,” as well as documentation of the Museum’s artifact donation events and architecture competition, appearing here for the first time in print. The handsome design of this substantial original research yields an object befitting the gravity of the Museum’s historic opening. Published by Inventory Press, designed by Project Projects, edited by FICTILIS with Rose Linke and Eugenia Bell. Texts by FICTILIS, Stephen Squibb, J.K. Gibson Graham, Ingrid Burrington, Steven Cottingham, Lester K. Spence, Heather Davis, Kevin Killian, Jennifer González, Chiara Bottici, Ian Alan Paul, Chantal Mouffe, Calum Storrie, Susannah Sayler & Edward Morris, Lucy Lippard, T.J. Demos, Sasha Lilley, McKenzie Wark, Sarrita Hunn, James McAnally, and Kim Stanley Robinson.
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