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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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THE POSTTRAUMATIC Vol.1 - Inhale, exhale

The newspaper is a very common object around us that needs to be reviewed and, the one that you have in your hands, although it does not pretend to be ideal, intends to be a breath of fresh air. Based on these fatalistic, dramatic and somewhat depressing theories on news and their consumption, 39 artists were contacted and each one was granted with a space, a sort of an article, to do whatever they wanted with it. It has not been intended to generate any specific ideological discourse and there is no gift flag. The concept of the newspaper has served us as a starting point but we don’t know if we would know how to define the result. Any description could seem reductionist, so we are going to limit ourself to saying that it is the outcome of an experiment and, although this description is unsatisfying, it is the only one that we dare to give.
  • Vol.1 - Inhale, exhale


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