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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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The Shape Of Folk To Come! RAAZ is the first release on the young label 30M Records that gives a platform to a new generation of composers in Iran. Hooshyar Khayam and Bamdad Afshar have teamed up here in a groundbreaking project to catapult bits of traditional melodies from Baluchistan into the present. They believe that traditional Iranian music has the potential to be directly incorporated into various genres of contemporary music. Khayam and Afshar have developed a creative way to incorporate Baloch melodies and modal structures into modern music. Bamdad Afshar, already known for his unique compositions of electronic music and his works for cinema and theater, teamed up with the classically trained Khayam to create a new electronic interpretation of Baluchi rhythms. These are complemented by a string quartet and recordings featuring Khayam's prepared piano, as well as vocal recordings of three Beluchi singers (two men and one woman). The result is a mesmerizing album that draws on a wide range of previously unheard and unimagined sounds as well as coloristic effects.
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