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TIAGO SALDANHA QUADROS, MARGARIDA SARAIVA Macau - Diálogos sobre Arquitectura e Sociedade

This book, published by Circo de Ideias and edited by Tiago Saldanha Quadros e Margarida Saraiva, explores the recent development of Macau through a collection of interviews to Nuno Cera, Hendrik Tieben, Thomas Daniell, Mário Duque, Wang Weijen, Diogo Burnay, Jianfei Zhu, Jorge Figueira, Werner Breitung and Pedro Campos Costa. The editorial project was supported by the Cultural Institute of Macau, the Institute of European Studies of Macau and the Macau Foundation. These seven circles are concentric, with the center in Marquis of Pombal Square. Tiago Casanova photographed the smaller circle, corresponding to the old Fernandine Wall. Duarte Belo photographed the larger circle, delimited by the watershed of Tagus river. And the editors photographed the intermediate circles. For each of the circles were invited two authors from different fields, thus creating different perspectives on the city of Lisbon. The editorial project was supported by the Directorate-General for the Arts.
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