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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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Co-editors: Nicolas Maigret and Maria Roszkowska, intervioews with Špela Petrič, Tega Brain, Joyce Hinterding, Kat Austen, Thomas Thwaites, Melle Smets; The Sound of Disappearance and The Sonic Sublime; reports of ISEA 2019 Lux Aeterna, 58th Venice Biennale and Liechtenstein Brunch, 18th Media Art Biennale WRO “Human Aspect”. Neural is a printed magazine dealing with new media art, with a peculiar attention to the networked and conceptual use of technology in art (the so-called, hacktivism, or activism using electronic media to express itself, and electronic music, investigating how the technology is involved in music production, consumption and experimentation. Neural was founded in 1993 by Alessandro Ludovico and Minus Habens Records label owner Ivan Iusco in Bari (Italy). The magazine's mission is to be a magazine of ideas, becoming a node in a larger network of digital culture publishers. The magazine is also committed to give its topics a proper visual frame: focusing on graphic design and how it could have expressed the electronic culture in a sort of printed “interface”, exploiting at the same time the “sensorial” possibilities of the printed page. Neural is printed three times in a year (some years it is printed irregularly).



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