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Temas Maiatos is a radio program developed from interviews and collections carried out between March and July 2019. It translates, in a format closer to the libretto, the synchronous description of marginal anthropological episodes, promenades around the town’s geography and observations focusing on: psychic phenomena, vernacular architectural manifestations and some animalia, in three episodes of monthly periodicity. Here, special attention is paid to marginal figures and outsider manifestations, obscure chapters and the linguistic idiosyncrasies of the lands of Maia, always in dialogue with the diachronism of ethnographic and oral strain that history set aside. "Extensive radio show, contents referring to village of Maia, northern Porto. Challenge from Curator Vera Sachetti for Bienal da Maia. During March to July 2019, different subjects were targeted, from psychogeography and orographic detours to architectural descriptions, narrations of historic events and strange characters. Details that make this village either of unique human geography or just regular one."
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