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POLIDO Sabor a Terra/A Casa e os Cães

“Outros Cortes”, from “A Casa E Os Cães”, ends with some of the characters from the film whispering random phrases with a vague tone. It is fast and, at first, it sounds incomplete, interrupted. After a minute or so it becomes clear that those first impressions are wrong. The soundtrack for the film by Madalena Fragoso and Margarida Meneses is composed of fragments that create a sustained harmony. Polido explores the concept of a soundtrack, using and reusing sounds of the film to create his own narrative. What at first seems an interruption, soon turns into a suspended idea that makes sense further on. Polido seems to be doing jazz out of field recordings while exploring dynamics of the fourth world. Those random whispers from “Outros Cortes” become melodies, not voices. It is free music. Within that spirit, you move forward to "Sabor A Terra", an album that creates the urban sound you listen to in a distance in "A Casa E Os Cães". It's a slightly different album, filled with electronics/beats, a more experimental tone that at times shares some proto-dark ambient vibes. They feel good together. They complement each other. Both records sound like Jon Hassell, Burial and Gavin Bryars spent some time in a studio and made music together. Polido made that easy for you, you can now sit, relax and listen to these two records in a loop. This is something special.
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