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Dou Van Jou is one of these mysterious and rare records that deserve to be (re)discovered, as an image of a time when modernity and tradition were brilliantly mixed in the mind of a guadeloupean-parisian artist. Recorded in 1987, it showcases an original fusion of gwoka, world music, jazz and enthusiastic use of synths. Some songs reached a cult status in the underground: « Misik A Moun A Kaz », a blend of gwoka mendé rhythm, salsa piano and disco bass, was played by Emil Omar, Antal and in Airbear’s Boiler Room set. The pure traditional gwoka « Tambou La & Ti Bois La » became a hit in the Paris-region léwoz, the music and dance events of guadeloupean tradition, that directly come from the Neg Marrons. A true cultural activist, Jimmy Blanche organized lots of concerts on the parisian scene, as programmer of La Chapelle des Lombards or at the New Morning. He worked with the gwoka legend Guy Konket and with the huge Manu Dibango, but also (and it’s not a surprise when you know how creative and open is Jimmy’s mind) with Eric Serra. He incidentally played a role with the latter in cult Luc Besson’s film Subway. We’re happy and proud to have Jimmy’s permission to make available again four of the most danceable and spiritual songs of the album. Side A of STIMA001 includes 4 tracks of the original 1987 album, with the hot dancefloor number “Misik A Moun A Kaz”, the gwoka hit “Tambou La & Ti Bois La“, and two beautiful spiritual songs, the poetic “La Nou Te Ye“ and the gwoka jazzy “Dou Van Jou“. Side B contains Baerlz’s housy remix of “Misik” and the unreleased song “Kimbe” that Jimmy kindly gave us from his private tape recordings made in the 80’s.
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