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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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LUíS FERREIRA Cinco Discursos Para A Próxima Crise

Stamp, relief & laser printed numbered edition (150 un.) stitched, plastic cover 297x105mm, 20 p Our main purpose is to abolish the barriers between the public and the creations and/or actions of artists and authors whose work excites, interests and moves us. We are focused in releasing and presenting works capable of questioning frontiers and categories, proposing new paths and points of view, exposing and avoiding commonplaces, willing to take risks due to their exploratory nature. The reasons behind what we do are very simple: we need those works, performances and happenings, these shared experiences, as much as we need the air we breathe. What moves us is the belief that these things are (at least) part of the foundation of a richer life, either seen as a collective or individual construction and experience: they provide us with a wider lens through which we can view, question, intervene and be a part of the world in a more fulfilling and stimulating way. We try our best to guide these collaborations through a path marked by complicity, affection, transparency and equilibrium, in which both the artists and ourselves never forget our common goals, while enjoying the ride that allows us to reach them. We know what the artists and authors entrust us with are labors of love, and view our role of nourishing their journey towards the public as a labor of love in itself. In a nutshell: Edições AMATEUR exists so that what makes us tick can be spread around us and reach other people as well.
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