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GERMAN ARMY Hearing Lola Kiepja

German Army is as prolific a project as they get. Heading from California, the enigmatic ensemble have been one of the loudest voices in the international tape scene for the past couple of years. Taking a strong stance against imperialism in all forms and with a hefty focus on documenting the global extinction of language, flora and fauna, German Army's music shows art as a political act. "Hearing Lola Kiepja" showcases an emotive take into the project's noisier heart, bringing forward the anonymous duo's flair for alluring melodies. There is a dark, cosmic quality to the work, with synthetic clusters of lo-fi beauty pushed in a fever induced fast succession. Hypnotic choirs and synth-driven rythms drawing you in as droplets on a basin. A thousand lost voices sing around the fire, we follow on the footsteps of the dead.
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