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GALA DROP Live At Boom (July 24th, 2018)

First release by Gala Drop in five years. A limited-edition cassette recorded live at Boom Festival in 2018. Rediscovering new ways to cross over genres in the 21st century has been a central motif in Gala Drop’s existence. For over an hour, the five-piece group from Lisbon and Detroit performs a tremendous live set of new and old tracks, giving life to the multitude of ideas that exist within the group’s core. They behave like one of the best rock bands on the planet, play like psychedelic rock could not exist without dub and make dance music happen in the interstices between funk, disco, house, and trance. Hugo Valverde's live mix brings a vivid light to this recording, making it energetic, organic, and absurdly joyful. He makes it sounds like a rock act playing with the narrative of a DJ dance set, exploring the obsessive studio-design of Gala Drop’s tracks. An hour of pure sweaty bliss. Close your eyes and feel the unique and intense scenario they must have experienced at Boom Festival.
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