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MAGGI PAYNE Ahh-Ahh (Music For Ed Tannenbaum's Technological Feets 1984-1987)

For decades, Maggi Payne has quietly lingered in the realms of avant-garde and experiential music, laying influence just out of view. Trained as a flutist, a student of Gordon Mumma, Ben Johnston, and Robert Ashley, among others, she is among the more interesting inheritors of American electronic practice, begun by the generation which proceeded her. While her name has become increasingly recognized, particularly following her brilliant LP Ahh-Ahh (Music For Ed Tannenbaum’s Technological Feets 1984-1987), released by Root Strata ‎in 2012, the limited recognition she has been offered is a useful indication of the way in which incredible artists, working within more discrete and nuanced territories, are often overshadowed by the legacies of those seen to have made radical innovations. A sonic revaluation which should be celebrated entirely on its own terms, the reissue of her incredible LP Crystal, originally released by Lovely in 1986 and now emerging on Aguirre, might double as a challenge to how we locate artists and their sounds.
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