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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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WIRE #434

  • Label / WIRE
  • Category / Music
  • Code / 434
Inside this issue: Thundercat - Schooled in jazz, funk, punk and more, the flamboyant bassist, vocalist and songwriter brings mischief, mirth and melancholy to that most misunderstood of genres – fusion. By Phil Freeman. Plus essays on fusion past, present and future by Greg Tate and John Morrison. Gal Costa: Ahead of a rare UK live date, the Brazilian musician and vocalist discusses bossa nova, tropicália, political engagement and remaining open to the unexpected. By Russ Slater. Jarboe: The erstwhile Swans vocalist and Neurosis collaborator returns with an intimate collection of reflective songs inspired by her travels. By Claire Biddles. Roger & Brian Eno: With a collaborative album in the can, the Eno brothers discuss the anatomy of ambient music. By Philip Clark. Invisible Jukebox: William Gibson: Can the visionary science fiction author hack The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Emily Bick Unlimited Editions: Transcending Obscurity Unofficial Channels: Jamel_aka_Jamal Gentle Stranger: Clowning is no joke for the absurdist London outfit. By Claire Sawers Jessica Ekomane: The Berlin based composer hits repeat. By Emily Bick Sunwatchers: The Brooklyn quartet charge their instrumental psych-punk with radical politics. By Tony Rettman dumama + kechou: Folk into the future with the South African duo. By Phil Freeman Global Ear: Los Angeles: Jazz mutations in the City of Angels. By Michael Schmelling The Inner Sleeve: Anna Homler aka Breadwoman on Powell & Pressburger’s The Tales Of Hoffmann



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