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THE FUNAMBULIST ISSUE 27 / January - February 2020

Welcome to the 27th issue of The Funambulist. Entitled Learning With Palestine (in opposition to the extractive dimension of learning from Palestine), it constitutes a collaboration with the Palestine Festival of Literature (PalFest). As such, it offers contributions by five PalFest 2019 guests, three PalFest organizers, and four guest Palestinian authors around one question: how to reclaim what colonialism stole? Cities (Mahdi Sabbagh), land (Nick Estes & Maath Musleh), language (Jehan Bseiso & Karim Kattan), interiors (Victoria Adukwei Bulley & Sabrien Amrov), narratives (Samia Henni & Mostafa Minawi), and digital instruments (Madiha Tahir & Majd Al-Shihabi) constitute the core components of the various answers formulated around this question. Throughout this issue, Palestine is simultaneously the site of anti-colonial learning and solidarity, as well as a the source of a productive dialogue with other colonial geographies such as Turtle Island, Algeria, the “Federally Administrated Tribal Areas” (FATA) in Pakistan, or Aotearoa. As usual, our News from the Fronts section that opens each issue and complements the main dossier, includes articles reflecting on ongoing struggles. This time, we offers three texts about the ongoing Irak Revolution (Zahra Ali), the fight from Korean “comfort women” for justice (Stephanie Kyuyoung Lee), as well as a dive in imaginaries of Black resistance (Cases Rebelles).
  • ISSUE 27 / January - February 2020


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