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NOT WAVING Tremendous / SM

Closing out a banner year with a club-ready boot up the ass, Not Waving follows those divergent 2019 outings with a wildly driven lunge for the strobes, balancing pure escapism with a reminder to dance and laugh at the populist peckers that dominate global politics right now. The A-side’s Belgian new beat-styled détournement ‘Tremendous’ makes ironic use of a foamy-mouthed but blithe Tr*mp speech about the Paris attacks, sliced and jacked into a strapping mix of jagged EBM arps and Italo/Detroit chromatics with a naggingly playful aesthetic that harks back to Belgian new beat and UK rave’s mix of politics and subversive escapism. The B-side ’S.M’ then opens with a rabble-rousing recording of Italian students chanting “Salvini, merda” against Matteo Salvini - Italy’s immigrant-hating far-right former deputy Prime Minister - over a bucking, pulsing electro groove that sounds like CoH jamming Ro Maron. Acts of subversive defiance such as this, encouraging dissent and ridicule of pompous right wing blowhards - and no matter how small in the wider scheme of things - have never been so vitally required in the modern day.
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