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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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RAOUL VANEIGEM The Book of Pleasures - Chapter I

1. In civilisation based on trade, all change turns into exchange. 2. The world upside-down can revert when exchange (the motor in the proletarianisation process) can choose only between putting enjoyment first, as freedom to do what you will, or death. 3. History will not turn the corner until each of us has. 4. Free action by individuals is waiting for the chance to clear the way for universal free activity. ​ 1. Commerce captures the intellect in its final expansive phase. 2. The world upside down reaches its possible turning-point when proletarianisation through the intellectual reflex leads only to death or to sensual intelligence. 3. History on the point of reversing passes through a reversal in the individual’s life. 4. The end of the State and the end of intellectuality are one and the same.
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