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Imagining the future often appears as the luxury of those who have the time to do so. It is, indeed, a temporal battle and futurists like the ones featured throughout this issue have fought to gain the time to imagine futures where the political struggles of the present have significantly altered the trajectories of violence currently at work. Ayham Jabr offers us a powerful artwork, “The Guardian of Life” for our cover. Rasheedah Phillips shares with us Afrofuturist keys to “dismantle the Master’s clock” and the imperial notion of linear time. Sophia Azeb imagines what Palestinianness will be when Palestine is free. Suzanne Kite calls for a decolonial Indigenous Artificial Intelligence in the context of Turtle Island (North America). Mahmoud Othman reflects on how reality sometimes transcends (science) fiction, through the Egyptian Revolution that occurred one year after he published a novel dramatizing it. Jessica “Coco” Hansell provides a personal account on the Māori futures of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Tarek Lakhrissi, adrienne maree brown, and Melanie West all describe in their own way (through self-reflection, fiction, or drawing) the inherent futurities in queerness. Roanne Moodley tells us a story about “twinning” monuments between France and Reunion Island. Miriam Hillawi Abraham designs a video game offering a critique on how futurisms are at times used by self-serving actors. Lastly, Kordae Jatafa Henry dramatizes a vision of a personified Congo that has won its self-determination over the extraction of its precious resources.
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