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YASUHIRO MORINAGA Ê Đê – Male Gong Group (Đắk Lắk – Vietnam)

The Ede groups live mainly in Tay Nguyen, the central highlands of Vietnam. Gongs are one of the most valuable instruments for Ede people. Each player strokes the back or front of the flat gong by a wooden stick aggressively, to create unique rhythmic patterns. However, for this recording, some of the tracks instead of using Gong as instruments, Bamboo are being used instead. Bamboo instruments such as Cing Kram are played by bamboo-made mallets/sticks. For Ede people, they usually practice with the Cing Kram first, and after they play the gong as the gong is more a sacred symbol and instrument. So, these bamboo instruments are used for twheir practices and they literally call it as “bamboo-gongs.”
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