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FRANCISCO OLIVEIRA On the Act Of Reminding

This record reflects on time, concomitance, age and mediation. It was all recorded around my grandmothers piano, that is not played nor tuned for more than 20. Is an old german upright piano, with a beautiful sound, that has experienced the act of quietness for a long time, and has played again, with all its age. The sounds of its guts and depths, strings and hammers is looped, processed and activated sympathetically with other instruments and musicians. ---------------- On the act of reminding "Francisco Oliveira has created a reflective record of the possibilities of memory and the way sounds permeates and constitutes the act of reminding. The fragmentation of time and the diversity of inhabited places called upon form a moving sense of identity through static, slow and mediated sounds. Sound emphasizes and distorts the movement of time and, in doing so, one is immediately drawn upon to the contingencies of the interchangeable acoustic nature of human relations. It emphasizes and focus on the aesthetics of detail and the importance of the experience of slow listening. In fact, the record is an archaeological attempt of understanding time and the idea of otherness made possible by reflecting on the anticipation and persistency of memory and the possibility of returning to an essential world. It deals with the maintenance of the self and the reconstruction of past experiences." By Tomás Raposo
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