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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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"In the last decade, LGBT and racial issues had been used in both popular and underground music as - many times - publicity stunts to sell poor quality releases and artists, based solely on the social contexts they’re involved; but in Julius Eastman’s case to speak about his race and his homosexuality is inevitable, not only because it’s a key theme in his work, but also because of the influence it had on how disregarded he was in the underground American music scene during his lifetime. Described as an unusual figure and some kind of soho’s enfant terrible, he commonly used racist and homofobic slang in a provocative and subversive way, leaving frequently the self described open-minded avant-garde context uncomfortable with his direct approach to those social themes. Almost 30 years after his death, and thanks to the efforts of Mary Jane Leach amongst others his work is little by little being rediscovered and Julius Eastman’s name set next to La Monte Young, Steve Reich and Terry Riley as one of the most interesting figures of the 80s NY downtown scene, and this essential reissue of his infamous “Nigger Series” will hopefully contribute to that."
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